Monday, February 18, 2013


The latest hate-in at Watts Up With That? celebrates The Heartland Institute's failed attempt to sicc federal prosecutors on whistleblower Peter Gleick, who uncovered Watt's demand  for hundred grand  to disinform grades K through 12 about the basics of climate science, a proposal seconded by 'Science Director' Jay Lehr, Ph.D.  But while state and federal prosecuters rejected Heartland's demands to indict Gleick , and no civil case materialized either, it  turns out that his chief  accuser knows enough about criminal fraud to have been sentenced to federal prison for it before joining  Heartland:

Though Heartland  has tried and failed in its attempt to persuade the courts of any wrongdoing on  Gleick's part , its president , Joe Bast keeps on talking about him as though he were Lehr:  
" One of the 
biggest frauds committed by a scientist in the past year generated nary a peep of criticism from the scientific community. The criminal, who admitted to committing crimes that are punishable by years of imprisonment, continues to write and speak and even receive academic honors. After a brief “leave of absence” he got his old job back. His career hasn’t been  adversely affected at all."