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                            OU  SONT LES  NEIGES  D'ANTAN ?


Juliette Rousseau, the head of Coalition Climat 21, an umbrella group for environmental activists, said the authorities had searched homes and seized computers and other equipment belonging to activists who have no connection to terrorism.
“There’s clearly an environment to keep activists out,” she said. “The state of emergency is clearly targeting activist movements. This is not justified. These people under house arrest, they don’t have any kind of criminal record.”
She added: “The impression we have is that there is this conference taking place in a sealed-up space, and meanwhile people in civil society are being asphyxiated.”

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Mike Butler: The UN and the new totalitarians

If you ever wondered about a link between climate change propaganda and the growing influence of the United Nations, Totalitaria by Ian Wishart links government surveillance, Agenda 21, the Earth Charter, national education standards, and church corruption with Satanism in high places.

Wishart is a New Zealand journalist, author and publisher, and the editor of Investigate magazine. He established his credentials as a leading investigative reporter when he uncovered the two key fraudulent transactions in the so-called Winebox affair of the early 1990s.

The title of “Totalitaria”, conveys the grim prognosis of a political system in which a worldwide state holds total authority over society...  Upcoming laws and proposals for carbon accounts and computerized control of vehicles via GPS tracking will create an infrastructure capable of controlling your movements, according to Wishart...

Wishart, a self-described conservative Christian, boldly says an occult group dedicated to the return of their deity that they privately call Satan/Lucifer and publicly refer to as Gaia/Mother Earth has, for 150 years and through a number of front organizations, been evangelizing just as hard as the Christian Church.

The Theosophical Society, a group established by Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky in 1875, re-ignited the almost extinct religion of Buddhism as a façade for western esotericism/Satanism that has since then spread the Luciferian doctrine through universities, movies, music and literature, he wrote.

Most interesting is Wishart’s account of how the Luciferians captured the United Nations  ... Wishart points to a meditation room directly below the general assembly room in the United Nations building in New York that contains a 6500kg block of iron ore bathed in a single bean of light -- an altar to the “God of All” or perhaps what Muller described as the “Absolute Supreme”.

Muller, as architect of the new world order, was deeply influenced by the writings of the British-born theosophist writer Alice A. Bailey who claimed to channel a 2000-year-old spirit named Djwhal Khul. Bailey set up the Lucifer Publishing Company in 1922 to publish her esoteric books. The company was re-named the Lucis Publishing Company in 1925, and later became the Lucis Trust, which has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

There is no Christian chapel in the United Nations building but there is an altar to Lucifer, Wishart writes ...

These Theosophists oversaw the design of a global education policy designed to ... hasten the return of the Coming One/Satan through an increase in planetary vibrations,...

Fast-paced, intriguing, and easy to read, this is not a work of fiction like Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Those skeptical of Wishart’s investigation can check out the sources detailed.

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                                     THE  WEEK  IN  REVIEW

A UK art collective member was  denounced for  right  deviationism  after failing to add the customary  dollar sign eyes,  top hats,  spats and   I AM THE MAN, THE VERY FAT MAN, WHO WATERS THE WORKERS BEER caption to this otherwise Stakharovite work:


Bought! That was quick, Josh, you must have been burning the midnight oil !
Nov 27, 2015 at 11:12 AM | Unregistered CommenterJeremy Poynton
             "That was quick, Josh, you must have been burning the midnight oil!"
Oil?  Puh-leeze  ...  I'm  sure  that  whatever  Josh  would  have  burnt,  would  be sustainable,  say rendered  warmista  tallow.
Nov 27, 2015 at 7:10 PM | Unregistered CommenterGary Turner




A new Lower Paleolithic elephant butchering site, Marathousa 1, has been discovered in Megalopolis, Greece, by researchers from the Ephorate of Paleoanthropology and Speleology of the Greek Ministry of Culture) and the Paleoanthropology group, University of Tübingen.

Marathousa 1 is located in an open-cast coal mine, on what was once the shore of a shallow lake. It has yielded stratified stone artifacts in association with a nearly complete skeleton of Elephas antiquus, as well as the exceptionally well-preserved remains of fauna (rodents, birds, amphibians, reptiles, mollusks and insects) and plants (wood, seeds, fruit). The association of lithic artifacts with the elephant remains, as well as the discovery of cutmarks on elephant bones, indicate that Marathousa 1 is an elephant butchering site.

Preliminary results suggest a Middle Pleistocene age (roughly between 300 and 600 thousand years before present). The researchers found stone tools, which the early hunters are likely to have used to cut the meat from the bones. "That makes Megalopolis the only site in the Balkans where we have evidence of an elephant being butchered in the early Paleolithic," says Professor Katerina Harvati of the Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment (HEP) at the University of Tübingen.

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                    THIS  THURSDAY, THE  GREAT PUMPKIN

Who will break the news to Elizabeth Kolbert?

 If Pleistocene megafauna -- mastodons, mammoths, giant sloths and others -- had not become extinct, humans might not be eating pumpkin pie , say an international team of anthropologists.
Researchers believe that initially humans did not eat wild pumpkin and squash -- members of the cucurbita family -- because the wild fruit is not only bitter but also toxic to humans and smaller animals. However, clear evidence exists that very large animals -- megafauna -- that lived 12,000 years ago did eat these fruit.
"Lee Newsom (associate professor of anthropology, Penn State and study co-author) has recovered many wild gourd/squash seeds from ancient Mastodon dung, suggesting that large herbivores may have been an important feature in the natural history of these wild plants," said Kistler.
s. They believe that changes in distribution of the wild plants are directly related to the disappearance of the large animals.
"We performed an ancient DNA study of cucurbita including modern wild plants, domesticated plants and archaeological samples from multiple locations," said George Perry, assistant professor of anthropology and biology. "The results suggest, or confirm, that some lineages domesticated by humans are now extinct in the wild."
Without elephant-sized animals to distribute seeds, wild plants will grow only where the fruit drops -- as far as the pumpkin rolls. At the same time, the disappearance  of megafauna altered the landscape from one of a patchwork of environments to something more uniform. Cucurbita are weedy plants that liked the disturbed landscape created by the megafauna, but fared less well in the new landscape of the Holocene.

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                             BREATHE  FREE  OR  FREEZE

Woodstoves were once objects of  Green pride, conspicuous symbols of  energy independence, and  rejection of  fossil fuels.  No longer.

Now,  as the  darkness  of  winter  descends, and the New  Paranoia spreads fear of breathing over an ever-more regulated land, Richard Nixon's 1970  Christmas present  to the nation,  the EPA,  is out to eliminate  everything  that  emits  anything,  woodstoves included.

Not to be outdone, Canada's  new Nanny Statists  have  embraced Montréal's proposal to eliminate all fireplaces.

Farewell, renewable energy : The EPA has just given the Founding Fathers and the Sierra Club the boot  by banning the production not just of Doctor Franklin's energy-efficient Stove, but 80% of 21st Century America's wood-burning home heating gear as well.

As  usual,  the  culprit  is Prohibition by Incremental Regulation.   So  stringent have  the agency’s rules become  that you can already  violate the  limits of its airborne   particulate   regulations   by blowing out a birthday cake in a small room, let  alone  setting  fire to a  Yule log, or roasting  a panful of  chestnuts.

That's  not  enough  for  the  EPA. Washington wants airborne particulate emissions cut below 1 / 1000th the level of secondhand tobacco smoke --  a maximum of roughly ten micrograms per cubic yard of air.

The consequences are draconian: Breathe Free or Freeze.  Henceforth only air-tight wood stoves with platinum-plated catalytic converters elaborate as a Mercedes engine's will be allowed to warm Alaskan log cabins, or rural homes in the southern 48.  This could signal the end of barbecue  joints ,  Cajun  restaurants ,  and  blowtorch-wok  Chinese cuisine as well.  Under the new rules, one pan-blackened redfish belts out enough black carbon  nanoparticles to redline the air quality in a fair sized cathedral, and it remains to be seen if freedom of religion can allow for candles or incense burning in churches high or low.

More ominously, what will become of those who face the winter to come if , as President Obama wills, the EPA regs are enforced as law?  One bizarre consequence of the frakking revolution is that more American home are heated with wood than oil -- the current census puts 2,400,000 housing units at risk of freezing if regulatory overkill snuffs out their primary heat source.

Retrofits are not going to help much, and noncomplient older stoves can't legally be traded in for new models - the EPA says they must be destroyed,  or recycled.  Fired  by 
 the  EPA's  zeal, some  state  and municipal governments  already  fine home owners who persevere in staying warm , and  fussbudget Attorneys General in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts  New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont have also sued for an EPA crack down on outdoor wood-burning water heaters.

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                               BUT  IS  IT  GLUTEN  FREE ?

Ben & Jerry's response to the California drought is an ad campaign that damns almond growers for consuming a gallon of water per nut produced:  

But what about the ecofriendly firm's new cow-fart free product line?
Can Canadian locovores look forward to  new ice cream flavors based on free-range polar bear milk?

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November 12, 2015, Paris, France — 
Four of the world’s leading climate scientists will issue a stark challenge to world leaders and environmental campaigners attending the COP21 climate summit at a scheduled press conference in Paris on December 3.

Dr. James Hansen, Dr. Tom Wigley, Dr. Ken Caldeira and Dr. Kerry Emanuel that
... In light of the urgency of tackling climate change and nuclear power’s essential role in limiting temperature rises, the four scientists will therefore challenge environmental leaders who still hold anti-nuclear positions to instead support development and deployment of safe and environmentally-friendly nuclear power. 

For example, the Climate Action Network, representing all the major environmental groups, still insists despite all evidence to the contrary that “nuclear has no role to play in a fully decarbonized power sector.” The four scientists will state that the anti-nuclear position of these environmental leaders is in fact causing unnecessary and severe harm to the environment and to the future of young people."


     A War Against Fire     by Russell Seitz
So even today.... the most chlorophyllic environmentalists are having stirrings of conscience about their adamant refusal to acknowledge an unambiguous fact of physics.
As surely as C02 can absorb the warming infrared, the strong nuclear force is millions of times stronger than the chemical bonds that are burst in unleashing heat from coal. Rather than embarking down the soft energy path that leads back beyond the Industrial Revolution's roots into a future dark age, the Greens should pause to consider the effect on the environment of renewing and perfecting our mastery of the atom's pale fire. 
The prospect of nuclear power's second coming presents environmental millenarians with a real source of cognitive dissonance: it is they who are the problem. It is their delaying tactics that wasted years and squandered billions at Seabrook and elsewhere. And it is their past indifference to the environmental consequences of the fossil fuel that the reactor might have saved that makes a mockery of their present rhetoric. 
The sooner their paranoia about nuclear waste disposal is laid to rest alongside that waste itself-deep in the and badlands, well secured, and as soon as the criminal mischief of Chernobyl is buried under the foundations of a reactor both safe and sanely contained, the sooner will civilization cease to he obliged to make a chemical waste repository of the sky.

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With  Enough  Pillars,  You  Can  Build  A  Lot  Of  Guillotines

Fired  by  mighty  coca  quids & oceans of Fair Trade coffee, oxygen deprived neojacobins in the highest national capital not actually occupied by the Red Army have issued a COP 21 manifesto setting forth a somewhat surreal:

"vision  of   holistic  development according to... Law No. 071 of The  Rights of  Mother  Earth and Law 300 of Mother Earth and  Integral Development to Live Well, guided by the 2025 Patriotic Bicentennial Agenda and its 13 pillars"

Hailed  by some  Climate Reality Project  enthusuasts,  and  Aspen Institute Pepsico Poststructuralist  Chief  Hipster Intrapreneur Manoj Fenelon as climate policy's Next Big Thing, The La Paz appeal is the: 


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Bored by  COP  Le Bourget?
 Follow  the  toesteps  of  CFACT's Camel Caravan 

to gay Paree's hottest Salon des Refusés, starring: 
Stuart Agnew, Piers Corbyn, Philip Foster, Roger Helmer, Tom Harris, Murry Salby, Donna Laframboise,  Patrick Moore, Nils-Axel Mörner, Ian Plimer, Roger Tattersall & assorted antipodean cranks you've thankfully never heard of
 Manned by Jacobin KGB UKIP GWPF PR flacks, PCC bids fair to be   The greatest gathering of quacks 
since Louis XVI's last duck hunt at Versailles 

Defying the CAGW "consensus", Louis XVI has experienced no statistically significant  warming since 1793 !

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                BEST SERVED COLD

What has Bishop Hill been drinking? 
Having   swallowed   Mark  Steyn 's Heartland  Institute  rant on  wine  & palaeoclimate cork and all, the prelate has  regurgitated  views  even  sillier than Steyn's vintage :

"I will take global warming seriously when they tear down the Climate Research Unit, and sow a vineyard making an amusing little Chateauneuf du Phil Jones"

...Gavin Schmidt said that there are "More...English vineyards now  than in medieval times."... Gavin implies that this comparison trumps the argument about English vineyards being proof that Medieval Warm Period was hotter... 

Hang on a sec! Surely you would not compare the two without mentioning the population size - the number of people buying and drinking the stuff - 
I mean that would be unscientific, wouldn't it?

Hang on a sec: isn't it more unscientific to forget climate change dictates where grapes can ripen, not who plants how many?

British  viticulture has spread north  far  beyond its Roman and Medieval limits, through grim Northumberland and on into Scotland,  attesting  to  hundreds  of  degree - days of  warming above and beyond the  Medieval  Not-So-Warm Period.

Word  of this  pleasant  change of climate  has reached  Buckingham Palace, where the Telegraph reports British  champagne  now  reigns:
"Ridgeview  Grosvenor 2009  was  served  at the state  banquet  to welcome Chinese president Xi Jinping Gordon Ramsay has listed not just one but  several  English  wines at his new restaurant in  Bordeaux, of all places. 
And  at  a recent  blind tasting.... English  wine  scored a  triumph over champagne, with two English wines (Hambledon Classic Cuvée & Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 2010) beating... Pol Roger &  Taittinger  to finish in first and second place."

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                          FIFTY  SHADES  OF  GREENSHIRTS

A  remarkable new BBC series casts a cold eye on an epoch Occupy marchers  and dark  Green  ideologues  seeking  Climate Dividends would rather leave forgotten: the age of the Paleogreens.   
Forget Bernie, Ben and Jerry.  Zeal is always with us, and  postmodern environmental  activism's  cultural roots, like  Ezra Pound's poetry, too much  recall the  crackpot  economics of the  Social Credit movement.  Clip starts 10 minutes into  

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       Biden Retreat Ends  Existential  Threat To English Language

Declaring for the Presidency , or possibly the  Chancellorship of the Time Lords last month,  Joe Biden characterized climate change as:
 "an existential threat to the future."

The future can rest easy : Biden has un-declared. 

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Frustrated  social engineer 'Experimental philosopher' Jonathon Keats aims to suppress the vice of nationalism by performing plastic surgery on the face of the Earth.

Why, asks Keats,  should we leave the continents  free to drift  about aimlessly, when  communitarian  geoengineering  could  weld  them, and  us,  into  one  nation  indivisible,  on  a  single  supercontinent bounded by a single ocean?
While the  United Nations Environmental Program has yet to add an International  Panel on  Continent  Change  to  the  existing I P C C , Keats' plans to extend its hegemony are on view at  The Modernism Gallery in San Francisco.  

His Anthropocene workaround  entails taking a tectonic shortcut through the Neo-Hadean epoch:
'Powered by the heat below the Earth's core, nuclear reactors would cool magma in some places, while subterranean machines would heat it up elsewhere, moving continents around. The Pacific Ocean would disappear, bringing together the U.S., Russia & China.
"You have three countries that are looking at each other with a high degree of suspicion from across an ocean, that would literally be in the same place," he says. "I think that that changes things."
The new supercontinent would also bring the Global South upward. "It becomes a way in which to potentially alter the economic status quo," Keats says. "Because economics is such a crucial matter as far as how we address climate change, ... by bringing them into greater alignment, perhaps we no longer have this us versus them antagonism."
A trifling investment in dimensional analysis suggests a minor problem. While geoengineers merely aspire to change the color of the sky, bringing Pangaea back alive would require powering up mantle plumes generating magma flows on a scale exceeding the flood basalts that figured in the Permian-Triassic and Cretaceous-Tertiary extinctions. The re-arrangement of the continents might entail melting about 10% of the Earth's crust and upper mantle - a volume roughly 100 times that of the oceans and atmosphere combined. 

Since magma is some three orders of magnitude denser than air and the upper mantle needs to be heated 1000 degrees Kelvin  to make it flow fast enough to revise the map within mankind's evolutionary lifetime, a lot of  surplus heat from the beefed-up geotherm  would end up in the oceans and atmosphere.

Dividing  the  ~ gigajoule - per - tonne  heat of fusion  of  that  much  incandescent rock into the thermal mass of the hydrosphere will, alas, boil the oceans dry, and then some. One worlders may applaud this side effect  as a feature, not a bug, since  absent the oceans, we'll end up on one continent by definition.

Beside Climate Truthers droning on about undersea volcanoes  as the true  wellsprings   of climate change, Keats fanboys should include cornucopians and the Club For Growth.  With nuclear power priced at fifty bucks  a  gigajoule, more or less, his proposal's start-up bill would come to roughly  $350,000,000,000,000,000,000 a head for each of seven billion prospective World Citizens, plus tax and tip.

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It May Not Be Intelligent  Life,  But It Sure Makes Dandy Fireworks

Has photochemical perchlorate from Silver Lake reservoir percolated into the water coolers and brain juice of The Los Angeles Times
Fact-checkers there should consult the warning labels on the ferociously reactive ( think rocket motors and match heads) salts in the Red Planet's briny ooze :

Salty water still flows on Mars -- what does it mean for life?

Some of NASA’s top scientists... from Georgia Tech, NASA Ames Research Center and elsewhere explain that an instrument aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has spotted telltale signs of hydrated salts in several locations on the surface of the Red Planet.
Using data collected by the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Marsinstrument, the team members concluded that salts are deposited on the slopes of several craters and canyons. 
These salts —
including magnesium perchlorate, magnesium chlorate and sodium perchlorate
 – appear to have been carried there recently by flowing water...Finding liquid water flowing on Mars would make the planet much more Earth-like, and potentially increase the likelihood of Martian life

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Having damned air pollution, Pope Francis' Apostolic Penitentiary may have missed the Next Big Thing in hamartiology.   
Just as Climate Truthers and other denialists strive to believe in six impossible things before breakfast, Green powers of credible denial are often strained by :

Model  Pride-   A  need  for  public  acceptance  of model-based policy advice as the truthiest on offer. Self-important victims may ignore other disciplines while counting their own numbers & framing better media profiles for themselves.  see Stockholm fever
Model  Greed -  The  modelers  need  for  scientific citation , adulation, or material wealth. If unfed, the model-greedy may resort to self-citation, plagiarism, dodgy grantsmanship and denial of having lost past bets on model outcomes.

Model  Lust -   An insatiable desire to  believe your own  hypotheses, and to insist that models should overrule history,  natural and human, and dictate the thoughts and desires of generations to come. Model 
                             Lust feeds on viewing & producing climate porn

Model  Envy-  The need to command larger research budgets  and covet more  supercomputer  time  than rival  models  or  theories ,  if  need  be  by  having competitors  defunded  or  charged  with  crimes.

Model  Sloth - Indifference  to the  contradiction of models by natural history, coupled with aversion to references that contradict desired results, reluctance to debate,  and  the inability to feel relief when dire                                scenarios don't materialize. Victims may insist that 
                           what we don't know doesn't matter.

Model  Gluttony  -    Overindulgence  in  extreme  parameter values in the name of the Precautionary Principle. Metamodeling is Model Gluttony's most fearsome avatar.

Model  Wrath - Defined by Model Dante as : "love of justice  perverted to  revenge and spite."  People with Model Wrath  issues  may  turn  to  the  law or social engineering when they feel democracy or science has failed them. Left unprovoked, Wrathists may turn to political caricature of their enemies & violent public demonstrations

Text & Seven Deady Sins Emoji copyright MMXV Russell Seitz