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Monday, May 18, 2015


In recognition of prolific alumni contributions to climate blog comments and
Heartland Institute Conferences,
an illustrious constellation
of over four score 

have declared the Wegman & NIPCC Reports 
meet their highest academic standards
and instructed 
The International Applied Climateball Union  
to award Doctoral Degrees to all attending
The Heartland Special Climate Olympics

Al Arab University, 
Al Khaleej University, 
Al Khalifa American U.
Alpine University, 
American Gulf University, 
American Mideast U.
Anchor Point University, 
Arab Continental U.
Arab Women University, 
Ashbery University, 
Ashley University, 
Bakerville University, 
Barkley University, 
Baycity University, 
Bay View University, 
Baytown University, 
Belltown University, 
Branton University, 
Brooklyn Park University, 
Brooksville University, 
Cambell State University, 
Camp Lake University, 
Chapel University, 
Columbiana University, 
Creek View University, 
Crestford University, 
Fort Jones University, 
Galewood University, 
Gibson University, 
Glenford University, 
Grant Town University, 
GreenLake University, 
Grendal University, 
Hadly University, 
Hansford University, 
Harvey University, 
Headway University, 
Hill University,   
Harding University, 
Johnstown University, 
Kennedy University, 
Kingsbridge University, 
Kings Lake University, 
Laurus University, 
Madison Hills University, 
Mayfield University, 
McFord University, 
McGraw University, 
McKinley University, 
Midtown University, 
Mount Lincoln University, 
Nelson Bay University, 
Nicholson University, 
Nixon University, 
Northern Port University, 
Northway University, 
Olford Walters University, 
Panworld University, 
Paramount  University, 
Parkfield University, 
Payne Springs University, 
Pine Hill University, 
Pittsford University, 
Port Jefferson University, 
Queen City University, 
Queens Bay University, 
Ray University, 
Redding University, 
Riverwood University, 
Rochville University, 
Roseville Community U 
Thompson University, 
Wales Bridge University, 
Walford University, 
Westland University, 
Wilburton University, 
Wiley University, 
Wilford University, 
Willington University, 
Windham University, 
Woodbridge University, 
Woodfield University, 

The retromingent perpetrators of  The New York Times story linked above live in mortal fear of a writ for criminal libel from Viscount Monckton' solicitors  for
 “Axact condemns this story as baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory, and based on false accusations and merely a figment of imagination published without taking the company’s point of view.”
Kudos too, to  Axact League University alums on their outstanding Oregon Petition turnout.

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Saving Humanity from Catastrophic Global Cooling: A Task for Geo-Engineering

There are two kinds of ice ages...“Little” ice ages were discovered in ice cores; they have been occurring on an approx. 1500-yr cycle and are likely controlled by the Sun. The current cycle’s cooling phase may be imminent and calls for urgent action...

While many consider the timing issue as settled...

Most expect the next glaciation to arrive rather soon; but calculations by Prof Andre Berger of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, suggest a delay of some 40,000 years -- so there may be no great urgency. Nevertheless, it would be useful and of great scientific interest to verify the existence of a hypothesized “trigger” that might be disabled by human action -- at low cost and negligible risk....
After digesting hundreds of comments about my essay on stopping the next major ice age, I recognized the need to explain the existence also of “little” ice ages, which are likely of solar origin. [see Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 years, by Singer and Avery, published by Rowman&Littlefield, 2007].

We don’t know what triggers an LIA, but suspect a strong correlation with a quiet Sun and prolonged absence of sun spots.  Experts in this field – Willie Soon (Harvard Observatory) [ Heartland Institute ], Harjit Ahluwalia (University of New Mexico)[ Huh? Ahluwalia is the author of  'No direct correlation between galactic cosmic rays and earth surface temperature 
Adv. Space Res., 52, 2119-2121, 2013. ]
author , Russian astronomer Habibullo Abdussamatov, and many others -- believe that the next LIA is imminent...During much of the American Revolution, New York Harbor was frozen over.  And we recall paintings of George Washington crossing the Delaware River, impeded by ice floes.

How to overcome an LIA

....An obvious scheme to counter a cooling is to make use of greenhouse (GH) warming.  However, carbon dioxide is not the answer: CO2 is limited in supply and is already saturated ... The answer may be water, but in the form of ice crystals; the scheme is easily tested and is transitory -- reversible and incurring little risk. 
Here is how I picture the operation ... A KC-135 or similar aerial-refueling aircraft carries ~100 tons of water, which is to be injected as mist just above the tropopause...

Like contrails, I expect some visible cirrus, which should disappear rapidly, leaving behind invisible cirrus ice crystals that are strong absorbers/emitters of infrared (IR) radiation, covering also the atmospheric “window” region of 8 to 12 microns – thus creating a major GH effect and possibly even some detectable warming at the Earth’s surface... all this is based on theory and calculations, which I published in 1988...

While the science is certainly interesting and important, there is no need to delay the crucial and urgent tests of geo-engineering; they involve only minor costs and little risk to the atmospheric environment.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/05/saving_humanity_from_catastrophic_global_cooling_a_task_for_geoengineering.html#ixzz3aJbalAJf


While it has long been axiomatic that  no proposition is so perverse that two Nobel laureates canot be found to endorse it, is less widely realized that the prize has been awarded for some distinctly dubious achievements,  ranging in ignobility from horrific experiments-- the 1949 Nobel Prize in  Medicine went to the inventor of the lobotomy, to such bully peacemakers as Teddy Roosevelt and Yasser Arafat.

Now  along  comes  world-famed  ecologist  climatologist  economist political scientist Bjorn Lomborg with a posse of Nobel Prize winning  Physicists  Chemists  Medical men Economists to help with the number crunching as he figures out how deeply he can discount the impact of big-time climate change on the sort of time scales it can take to actually happen.

I take IPCC  risk-benefit projections with a large grain of salt in large measure because its prognostications  depend on guessing at the future history of  both technology and the economy of the globe, and how much energy, fossil and otherwise, posterity may accordingly consume, emitiing  proportionally more or less CO2 in the process. Such calculations depend in turn on global econometric models as dependent on discount rate projections as global climate models are to CO2 doubling sensitivity. 

Independent of climate change, there's a strong libertarian and humanitarian case for revising the UN's warped hierarchy of aid goals, but in both  modeling cases, playing fast and lose with critical variables leads to chaos, and just two weeks ago I witnessed Lomborg claim his latest risk-benefit effort was innocent of any such canoodling.

But over at Eli's we see a very different story emerging: the literal fair-haired boy of the WSJ Op-ed  page has been called out  as a dastardly heteroskedast for what he denied  doing when asked by the Harvard statistician who hosted his  talk here, having in one Danish  critic's word's:

"used one discount rate for climate projects, and another discount rate for the remaining projects. "

What will the boys from Stockholm have to say about this? 

Friday, May 15, 2015


The denialati  expressing deep shock at Pope Francis' doing a climate encyclical  seem to have forgotten that his conservative predicessor tried to render the Vatican Carbon Neutral eight years ago.  

Very, very oddly, the Holy See's principle partner in that venture was iron fertilization entrepreneur Russ George, last seen drumming with the shamans of some salmon fishing folk in British Columbia.

From Adamant, July 14, 2007:

A Lamp Unto My Carbon Footprint

Papal_footprintThe familiars of that peculiar Second Millennium sect, The Academy of Humanism, have been canoodling with their Green opposite numbers in the Papal Scientific Secretariatever since Steve Gould and Carl Sagan's improbable pilgrimage to the Vatican Observatory  in 1986 , seeking the confirmation of the nuclear winter hypothesis as canon law.
Latter day eco-evangelists are angling for the Mother Of All Ecumenical Endorsements for carbon offsets. Most PR overtures are rebuffed by the Holy See, but now California's Planktos corporation claims their effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the shoes of the fisherman is a Done Deal. 

With their Cold Fusion stock offerings dead in the water,  Planktos Corporation execs have spun off  KlimaFa, transitioning from alternative energy to ecclesiastic polity with a press release announcing :

The New Vatican Climate Forest Initiative to Fully Green the Holy See.'
San Francisco -- July 12, 2007 -- 
By agreement with the Vatican, Planktos/KlimaFa is now pleased and honored to announce that the Vatican plans to become the world's first entirely carbon neutral sovereign state, and it has accepted KlimaFa ecorestoration offsets to achieve this historic goal. In a brief ceremony on July 5th the Vatican declared that it had gratefully accepted KlimaFa's offer to create a new Vatican Climate Forest in Europe that will initially offset all of the Vatican City State's CO2 emissions for this year.
His Most Reverend Eminence Cardinal Paul Poupard presided at the event and stated, As President of the Pontifical Council of Culture; I am honored to receive this donation from the leaders of Planktos-KlimaFa. This donation means an entire section of a national park in central Europe will be reforested.

Planktos might better do the Lord's work by telling Rome about Los Angeles Cool Cities Initiative. If the City of the Angels can crop degrees off its microclimate  by planting shade trees,and promoting pale paint and pavements to reduce solar heating, why shouldn't  all the campaniles in Christendom sprout windmills overlooking un-leaded cathedral roofs Adventitiously attired in green turf?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

WHEELS ON FIRE : The Heartland Special Climate Olympics

Promote Climateball™


  in Washngton D.C.

To make the climate wars more exciting and accessible, the Non-International  Pseudo-Climatology  Committee (NIPCC)  has organized a special olympiad for bloggers and think tank teams. 

In the ecumenical spirit of confusing number crunching and religion, these events for the Differently Facted and Otherwise Educated are open not only to Dominionist and Evangelical Climate Scientists, but Tridentine Warmists, Catholic & Hindu Communitarians, Discovery Institute stakeholders, Vouduns Vertes , carbon-offset Zoroastrians and Pharsees, Young Earth Scientologists, and members of The Church of the Singularity of the Latter Day Saints, better known as the Nanomormons.

TV sponsorship is sought for the following events:

The  Chariots  Of  Fire Prius Pentathelon

In this arduous paramilitary challenge, contestants race to recharge an electric vehicle stranded on an Atlantic iceberg. To do so they must 

1. Swim to Newfoundland with the vehicle's power cable
2. Scale the sea cliffs of St. John's to order an extension cord
3. Shoot the order clerk who says the plug is out of stock
4.Ski across the sea ice to a Labrador Walmart that has one
5. Wrestle it out of posession of the other contestants.

The Great Isotherm Race.
In this signature event for the Ontologically Deep and Terminally Othered, dysrophic contestants try to crawl Poleward faster than the rate of  global isotherm migration from CO2 forcing, in a race some hope could finish before the start of the 2024 Boston Olympics

The Solyndra House Of The Rising Sun Challenge Cup
In this event contestants traverse a vertical glass solar collector wall in an attempt to avoid incineration by the ascending image of the rising sun. Open to alternative energy lobbyists handicapped in proportion to their moral stature.

The Moulin Blues
This extreme ice water sport features two water polo teams vying to score goals before they are sucked into the blue maelstrom draining a melt water lake atop the Greenland icecap.

The  Hockey Stick Toss
In this exciting variant on an old Native American sport, a two-meter square of rubber graph paper is stretched between four hockey sticks and used to trampoline a TV weatherman skyward towards the tropopause. The first contestant to asphyxiate wins.

The Dryathelon
Sand Ski biatheletes face the tactical problem of pursuing a polar bear across Greenland’s new dunes to shoot it before anthropogenic drought induced thirst drives the beast to turn on its tormeners

The Inuit Amphibious Javelin Throw
This ambitious beach sport combines two popular events, the dwarf caber toss and quadriplegic harpooning, as swimmers strive  to  score points for accuracy by flinging a norwhal out of the water  towards a sandy bullseye to stick upright on its unicorn-like horn.

After  the Washington events, the games will adjourn to Africa, where the traditional pre-Paris Prime Meridian Climate Tug of War will center on the East Pole Olympic Village,( EPOV)  at Longitude Zulu on Ghana’s Gold Coast.

Directions to EPOV

From K-Street head East and turn your amphibious vehicle south  on the Prime Meridian until you arrive at the Equator, a venue chosen to show participants the absence of the hot spot that proves the falsity of bedwetting watermelon CAGWist views. 

To reduce energy costs and avoid framing issues, the Special Winter Climate Olympics will be held in midsummer on the Greenland Icecap, or the adjacent Arctic sea ice, if there is any.

To promote a high carbon capture lifestyle, food concessions at this Olympiad will feature salt and sugar-free fossil foods, like fresh-fracked anthracite, and lignite smoothies,

Bernstein’s Real Amber Ale, brewed from real Baltic amber will be available in the pub.